The Ultimate guide to coaching
teams to high performance

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Unlock the full potential of your coaching practice and take your clients’ teams to new heights with this comprehensive guide to team coaching, packed with expert insights and practical strategies for achieving success.

As a coach, you know that teams are critical for success in today’s ever-changing organizational landscape. Aligned with the ICF core team coaching competencies, this practical guide by Alison Grieve and Jenni Miller offers a comprehensive approach to team coaching based on their Advantycs methodology. Packed with expert insights and actionable strategies, it will equip coaches with the tools and knowledge they need to help their clients achieve higher levels of performance, engagement, and well-being.

Alison Grieve
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Jenni Miller
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The Team Coaching Edge is an excellent asset for experienced team coaching practitioners and those interested in entering the field. It clearly articulates a practical, accessible framework for working with teams and the case studies and examples bring the models and techniques to life. I have personally used the Advantycs diagnostic to identify team strengths and areas for development and the EDGE coaching model (both are outlined in the book), with top and senior leadership teams. In all cases, the teams have developed deeper insight into their own behaviour, motivation and practices and their relationships in the broader systems they inhabit. There is a lot to learn from and easily implement in the book and it will make a valuable addition to your coaching practice. 

Tim Sprague / Coach & Psychologist, President of the International Coaching Federation, Australasia

Clear, accessible, and practical. I appreciated the distinction of what is team coaching vs. facilitation, team building, etc. and the simple and actionable principles and processes the authors lay out. 

An essential read for anyone interested in exploring team coaching to enhance team performance/functioning.

Here’s your much-needed textbook, whether you’re a leader, coach, or communications student. This is the guide for coaching teams in non-profits, religious organizations, and businesses. There is enough information for self-guidance but this would be useful in the classroom as well as giving guidelines or acting as a reference manual in professional coaching settings.

It’s good enough that I gave a heads up and the cover picture to friends who are professional coaches. That should tell you something. They’re excited to see it published, as am I.

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