Talent Management

Talent Management

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Talent management using Korn Ferry

Whether you need help identifying your people challenges or have a specific problem to address, our use of Korn Ferry tools will help you identify gaps, measure and track changes, allowing you to confidently lead talent management best practices within your organisation.

Investing in people

Proving a return on investment in people means using the best tools available to measure and track changes in their behaviour, and the impact that has on their teams.

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Hello, Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry’s world-leading solutions enable you to confidently lead talent management best practices within you organisations. As Korn Ferry Master Associates, we have the expertise and knowledge to help enable you to reach your talent objectives.

Using Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, we facilitate executive teams in identifying current organisations strengths and weaknesses. We create a strategic capability plan to deliver the business strategy as a result leaving you clear on what you need and how to create it. Further your business strategy and talent strategy will become seamlessly aligned.

Using Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, Korn Ferry Succession Planning Architect, Korn Ferry Assess: Learning Agility, Korn Ferry Assess: Potential, Korn Ferry 360 Assessment, Emotional Intelligence with ESCI and Styles and Climate, we deliver a suite of development tools. Building competencies at every level and designing and implementing succession planning processes and tools. We will leave you with your talent identified, measured, mapped and above all continually developing.

Using Korn Ferry Assess: Potential (formerly Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential / KFALP), we deploy research-based solutions to objectively evaluate leadership potential in your organisation, enabling you to invest in the right talent or assess for a specific role. Most importantly we will leave you capable of harnessing the power of your highest-potential employees.

We not only run and deliver the complete suite of Korn Ferry assessments in-house, we also regularly offer open courses and certifications to help grow the talent in your business.

Open Courses and Certifications, all live online

We are able to train and certify coaches and HR professionals in the full suite of Korn Ferry tools. We can deliver these trainings in house to grow the talent in your business whilst also regularly offering open courses and certifications.

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