Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential

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Korn Ferry has carried out extensive research and found that all high-potential leaders are marked by seven essential signposts that indicate their likelihood of future success. Overall, the clearer the signal on the greatest number of attributes, the better the odds that he or she will exhibit superior leadership performance.

Identifying such high-potential leaders early lets an organisation deliberately develop future executives so that when a need arises, someone with the requisite ability is prepared to step up to the challenge.


  • Provides organizations with the ability to objectively and accurately identify people with high leadership potential.
  • Gives a complete view of a person’s leadership potential, no matter where they are in the organization.
  • Accurately identifies high potentials in seven key facets, or signposts, proven by research to be related to advancement in leadership roles.
  • Identify areas that will provide the maximum return on development efforts to improve leadership skills.

Who should attend?

Appropriate for all job levels and functions.

Any current or aspiring organisational leaders.

Those looking to transition from individual contributor to a leading role, and those looking to move up organisational hierarchy.

Those looking to further their personal development in a targeted and impactful manner.

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Why Korn Ferry?

Korn Ferry is the preeminent authority on leadership and talent. It has unrivalled data to cut through the noise and dissect the traits of superior leaders. For nearly half a century, clients have trusted them to recruit world-class leaders. The Korn Ferry Institute, their research and analytics arm, was established to share intelligence and expert points of view on talent and leadership. They aim to increase understanding of how strategic talent decisions contribute to competitive advantage, growth, and success.

Why Management Dynamics?

With a vision to change the way businesses operate collaboratively, Management Dynamics work with leaders and teams in FTSE 500 companies to help transform company culture and create differentiated performance. Management Dynamics specialise in talent management using the Korn Ferry suite of products.  A Korn Ferry master associate organisation, we know Korn Ferry products inside and out. We are proud to be one of few organisations worldwide who can train and certify HR professionals to the highest standards in all Korn Ferry assessments.

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