Strategies for developing and
sustaining high performing teams


In a world of ambiguity and constant change, teams are the critical glue for solving complex problems. They are vital for delivering in challenging environments and supporting each other to grow, develop and be engaged.
Drawing from extensive research working across hundreds of teams, Alison Grieve and Jenni Miller have developed an integrated and full-team approach that allows any team to achieve high performance and sustain it.
Above all, this Amazon Bestseller is a highly practical leadership book that will start your journey to leading high-performing teams.

Alison Grieve


Jenni Miller



In Leading Edge, authors Alison Grieve and Jenni Miller distil their decades of management experience into actionable, pragmatic advice to inspire high performance. They start, importantly so, with the idea that purpose is key to infusing a team’s work with meaning. Then they walk leaders through a gem of a framework that’s brilliantly explained and shining bright with wisdom. This is a book to give as a gift, discuss with others, and refer to again and again.

Carol Van Den Hende / Author of the Goodbye, Orchid series, and corporate executive

With Leading Edge, Alison and Jenni offer simple strategies and tools as well as case studies to illustrate and ultimately drive outstanding individual and collective performance to new heights. As a leader you always have a very unique and special role to play in that you may hold your team back or enable it towards a greater performance, all dependent upon your attitude, guidance and choices.

Frederic Desbrosses / General Manager Middle East, Africa, Global Business Development, JDE Peet’s

Leading Edge offers a compass to navigate high performance with a hugely helpful reference to set direction and course correct. It shines a light on the pathway by providing a very clear, succinct, and structured framework to help surface tension. It identifies cultural and performance drivers and really gets under the skin of what’s going on and what’s important to the team so you can act. If you’re ready, want to take action and start modelling those behaviours to give yourself the edge. This is a must read to create that momentum!

Neil Molyneux / Technical innovation Director, Pepsico
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