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February 22, 2023

by Management Dynamics

About Advantycs

Advantycs is a research-based team methodology which provides the leader and their team with data on team performance. It does this through measures of their team dynamics (what we call the “Edge Dynamics”) as well as providing numerous practical tools for improving team cohesion, ways of working and planning for the future. The methodology and tools help individuals and teams to adapt and flex to changing elements which impact their performance and move towards elevated High Performance.

The Edge Dynamics are:

Reason: humans are driven by their why

Results: get absolute clarity about who is accountable for what in the team

Relationships: creating the deep trust that allows people to shine

Routines: how you work as a team, adapted to reinforce all the other dynamics

Resilience: continually measure, adapt and improve performance whilst maintaining team energy levels

Working with over 131 teams over the last 2 years, we have identified that using the Edge Dynamics and the Advantycs diagnostic tool and methodology leads to an average 17% increase in overall scores. When teams include additional interventions such as a personality preference tool this increase can be as much as 32%. Teams made this level of progress in 3-4 months with support from an experienced team coach. The teams ranged in size from 6 team emembers to 19 members. They are from all levels in a wide range of organisations and industries.

The Highest Scoring Edge Dynamic

The highest scoring Edge Dynamic was Reason. The team coaches were able to increase this by focusing on the sharing of team members’ personal Reason and connecting people to why they want to be part of the team. They also focused on helping the team to learn how to support each other in fulfilling their personal purpose at the same time as that of the team. We found that working with teams on the Reason and Results led to increase in the Edge Dynamic scores on Relationships, Routines and Resilience by an average of 8% on each between diagnostic 1 and 2.

Resilience is Impacted by all the Other Edge Dynamics

Resilience scored the lowest of all the Edge Dynamics across all teams, whether it was the first, second or third diagnostic that the team had completed. We found that working with the team on their Reason, Results and Relationships increased their scores of Resilience by at least 9%. To be resilient we need to understand our why and we need clarity of what is expected of us, what’s important and who is working with us. It’s critical to really know and trust the people we work.

Team Dynamics Impact Engagement

We also found a positive correlation with engagement scores where teams took part in company wide engagement measurements. Working with the Edge Dynamics enabled leaders to build real engagement in a practical and focused manner that supported the increased effectiveness and development of the team. It gave them a route map which leads to high performance and high engagement for the whole team.

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