4 Trends for Teams in 2023

January 03, 2023

by Management Dynamics

As we look towards 2023, we’ve been thinking about what trends might we see for Teams throughout the year. What new obstacles are we likely to face throughout the course of the year? What challenges from 2022 might we continue to battle?

We’ve identified 4 key areas that team members and leaders should keep an eye on for the upcoming year so that they can elevate their team to high-performance.

4 Trends for Teams in 2023

Staying Connected

Not only have rising cases disrupted many workplaces worldwide, according to a study from Korn Ferry in August, nearly 1/3 (32%) of individuals stated that they don’t ever expect to return to the office full-time. Hybrid working isn’t going anywhere just yet. Teams must strive to maintain personal connection despite being separated physically.

Resilience Remains Lacking

Our Team Diagnostic Tool has identified that Resilience is on average the lowest of the team dynamics.

We’ve spoken a lot about resilience over the last couple of months at Management Dynamics, and even did a 45 minute deep-dive webinar on Team Resilience – which you can check out here.

It remains a priority for teams to set themselves up to develop sustainable resilience through recharging and re-energising – both on an individual and a team level.

Change is a Constant

Without change, teams and organisations cannot evolve. Succeeding in changing times is paramount to the health of an organisation. Last year we delivered 84 workshops on change alone.

While change has been accelerated by current events, even in a post-COVID world change is a constant. It remains a priority for top organisation to be able to manage change successfully.


Teams often feel the need to fight for and justify their own existence. Businesses also demand more from their resources than ever. This results in teams struggling to focus on what’s important and effectively prioritise work. Team members feel the inability to say no to oncoming work, and equally common are leaders’ refusal to delegate harder tasks – believing only they are equipped for the task.

This decreases overall team productivity, and ultimately serves as a barrier towards high performance.

These 4 trends are the key obstacles that we expect teams to face in 2023. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to explore these themes further and suggest some tips and tricks for you to put into practice, so watch this space!

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