Pharmaceutical Firm: Change, Capability and Collaboration

August 21, 2022

by Management Dynamics

The Business Need

The Global Procurement Team (GPT) of an industry leading Pharmaceutical Company was driving its organization change journey. While a Change Framework and Resources were created internally, GPT’s Culture & Capability Director (the sponsor) looked for advices on supporting different levels of employees to embrace the change. 

The solution needed to be a series of virtual workshops which support Procurement Leadership Team (PLT) and Line Managers to champion the change and build employees’ commitment to the change. 

The Solution

The design process was very much a partnership approach, with discussions with the sponsor to determine what the learning outcomes were and which content should therefore be included.  


Acknowledging mindset change is the fundamental for encouraging employees’ behavioral change and hence, commitment to the change, therefore, the concept of ‘Neuroscience of Change’ was built into the content of the workshops.


With ‘Neuroscience of Change’ as the foundation, the workshops were designed to focus on

Creating space for PLT and Line Managers to clarify the change concepts, explore further and answer questions about the change

Discussing how PLT and Line Managers can best support next level of employees in using the Change Framework Toolkit  

Encouraging all level of employees to use the resources in the Change Framework Toolkit

Internal online learning resources ‘Change Framework Toolkit’ were shared with the participants prior to virtual workshops as pre-work.  The series of workshops ran from February to May 2022;

A 1-hour virtual workshop were first held for 12 PLT Leaders. 

Next, a total of eleven 1-hour virtual workshops were delivered to 99 Line Managers who are the champions to embed and communicate the changes to all employees. 

Lastly, two 75-minute virtual webinars named as ‘Learning Spotlight’ were held for a total of 173 Employees.

Workshop content was slightly adjusted across different sessions based on participants’ and sponsor’s immediate feedback.  

The Results

Several observations showed that the solutions successfully created impact to the change journey and achieved the desired outcomes. 

The virtual workshops definitely provided a space for PLT and Line Managers to express their concern and discuss how they can champion the changes and support their employees in going through the journey.  Some PLT and Line Managers were proactive in sharing their challenges and insight in riding on the changes.      

During the PLT and Line Manager sessions, the leaders were aware of their role and responsibilities in championing the change.  They committed to communicate and encourage their people to apply the Change Framework Toolkit.

It was found that via the workshop,  PLT Leaders increased 31% (from 46% to 77%)  in their confidence level in Championing the use of the Change Framework and Resources.   Meanwhile, 50% PLT Leaders were confident in their line managers’ ability to lead change in the business. 

Couple of PLT Leaders self-nominated as the panel members to share their experience in the change journey and demonstrate management support to the employees during the Learning Spotlight sessions. 

The workshops to all level of employees were well received.  Reinforcement and follow up actions will be taken internally to drive the changes continuously. 

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