Team Coaching Cards

July 11, 2024

by Management Dynamics

We’ve recently added a new product to our online shop – the team coaching cards – and I thought I would share with you some ideas about how to use these cards.

They are large cards with a question on one side and an image on the other.  They are designed to be multi-purpose and in this article I’ll share some of the ways I use them:

Team Check-In or Check-Out

Put the cards picture side face up on the table.  Get each team member to choose a card which represents how they feel about the team right now. Then each person should share their picture and why they chose it.

Warm up for Team Coaching

Pre-select a few more cards than a team has members.  Get each person to select a card without seeing the card.  Let people swap cards once only.  Each person should answer their card in turn.  Encourage a conversation amongst the team after each person has responded.  This encourages conversation and once every team member has had their turn the team will have had a really good first conversation. 

Discussion about values

A subset of the cards are all about values so you can use these cards to start a conversation about values in the team.  The team don’t need to have elicited their values already to do this exercise.   Select the values coaching cards and hand one out to each team member.  Each person gets a turn at answering their question. 

Getting to know each other better / building trust

A subset of the cards are “getting to know each other” cards with questions about things that most people on the team are unlikely to know about each other.  Either select one card and get each team member to answer it or hand out one coaching card per person.   Each team member then answers their own question.  Invite in curiosity from other team members with this exercise – that’s the point of it.  If you’d like to discuss our team coaching cards and how you could use them with your team, get in touch!

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