Clarity in Teams

August 17, 2022

by Management Dynamics

Without clarity, your team cannot get to and sustain high performance.

Clarity is not just about understanding what you are doing. You may be clear on the tasks you have to complete or your KPIs, but that isn’t the sort of clarity that is going to help your team perform above and beyond the competition.

Clarity that will elevate your team to high performance means that you are clear on the Reason behind your team, your part to play within that reason as well as the roles, strengths and weaknesses of each team member and how they contribute to the overall performance of the team.


Most importantly, however, its about understanding how everyone’s roles fit together.

Lets look more closely at this. You may be responsible for delivering A, and your team member for delivering B – but ultimately you share responsibility for the overall reason behind the team, whatever that may be. Therefore, I need to help you deliver on your objectives and vice versa.

By approaching clarity in this way, we can create collaboration throughout the team and leverage each other’s strengths whilst minimising each other’s weaknesses. The alternative is being siloed by our job descriptions, which can never result in optimal performance.

Diamonds have clarity. They have light that reflects through and the sparkle this creates. The most valuable ones have the highest level of clarity. Likewise, the highest performing teams have the highest levels of clarity.

They have a laser-like understanding of their overall Reason, the Results they are measured on, the team Routines, the Relationships and roles of each and team member what makes the team Resilient.

Like diamonds, the more clarity teams have, the more they sparkle and the stronger they are.

The dynamics of high performing teams diamond graphic

Diamonds and teams both need clarity

The more clarity they have, the brighter they are.

How can we achieve clarity?

One of the biggest barriers to true clarity is assumptions. When we work we often jump to assumptions and don’t ask enough questions which often leaders to problems with clarity. All organisations should be looking to champion diversity and inclusion, and part of that diversity and inclusion is the diversity of perspectives. Sometimes, the assumptions we make about how we should approach a task and who we should ask for help locks perspectives out and we don’t open ourselves up to a wider discourse.

By avoiding assumptions and asking questions on what the right direction is, how should we approach this task, who can help deliver our objectives we create a level of clarity that allows to utilise the collaborative intelligence of the team.

Another key part of clarity is knowing what it isn’t, and that is clarity is not seeing the entire path ahead. The world is very complex and ambiguous and no one person can have all the answers. As long as you know enough of the way forward and can maintain that direction, your team can move forward knowing that together as a team you have all the information you need and can call on each other to achieve your goals.

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